On Scripture

Meu Senhor

Of course, if you read “What This is About” you will get the idea that this all originally started when I wanted to 1) get rid of some old habits by 2) adding some very much needed new habits, all in the scope of 30 days. That particular protocol crashed and burned like the Hindenburg.

During that time, I spent much of my very first month (Yes, I didn’t even make it one month) postulating on different passages in the Bible. I’ve read a lot of the Bible, but by no means have I read it all. Plus, there’s always the bonus of reading it over and over again for new meaning! After many years of Christian schooling, plus my 20 years of being desperately in need of grace, I found that I actually had something to say. Whether it’s of value is entirely subjective.

My point of view is one of a reformed legalist, broken on the rules I had created for myself. I find myself searching for truth, for myself personally, for my family, and for the Church as a whole. I struggle with the idea of organized religion versus the human need for relationship and understanding.

My wish for my visitors is that they learn to appreciate life with all its ironies and blessings, and that they learn to understand how much God loves them.


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