About Me

As most of my family can attest, when I lack focus, it’s similar to having amnesia. I used to fondly call it AMPS — Absent Minded Professor Syndrome, without the professor part. You might as well find me wandering down the center median of a busy street. I lack focus in the same manner other people might lack a BMW or a Porshe. You would like it, but you know its a tad bit out of reach.

Sadly enough, blogging is just another way for me to direct my lack of focus. What a distraction for me when I don’t want to do what I should. Of course, I could say at least I’m being productive! But I know the real truth, lacking focus is a symptom of avoidance.

When I don’t lack focus at home, I am usually overrun with my cohabitants–My DH –Mr. Fix It, son (the Muscle Man), and daughter (Princess). Other children in the form of furry friends who think they are human–Roxy, Sophie, Max, and Bella.

These priceless blessings (and sometimes gifts of karma for being a stubborn ole mule) keep me in check on a daily basis. For without them, I’d probably never focus on anything for too long.


Mr. Sophie



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