I AM: The Hunted

I do not have the best self-image.

That’s right, I said it out loud, for all y’all to hear see. And while I was an athlete for so much of my life growing up, I slacked off on exercise.

Now I am at the point where I need to be active, not because I want to–I need to.

So I’ve decided to join a pack of local lady-wolves, for better or worse, and get with it. We are led by the wonderful Sarah, The Beauty Hunter, whose daily workouts are both grueling and inspiring (and most important free).  Her mission:

To provide a free boot camp to help restore and instill self-esteem, confidence and strength to women of all ages, sizes, races and abilities.


So my very first workout with these beauties was last night. It. Was. Hard. But more than that, it was good: in the park, lovely day, not too hot/cold, not too many people in the park–the perfect scene. Just 30 or so ladies busting a gut to the sound of our drill instructor’s voice.

Things I learned

  • I can work out with other women and not feel self-conscious because I’m focused on what I’m doing
  • If I cheat, then I’m cheating myself and that change I want to make, so make it count

    16.9 oz is not enough

    16.9 oz is not enough

  • When I feel burn, I’m changing that area of my body
  • It’s ok to modify an exercise
  • It’s ok to pace myself and listen to my body for the difference between good pain and where my limits are
  • Working out in a group can provide healthy competition
  • Change is hard
  • A 16.9 oz water bottle is not enough for a workout
  • Tree roots can be felt through a towel–get a yoga mat
  • The older you wait to get back on the fitness wagon, the harder it is

Most of all, I found that encouragement comes in the most unlikely of places. While in teams, I was lifted up by the sweetest of groupmates (Ms. B). She constantly cheered me on and told me how I was doing great. She didn’t even know me. Sometimes, that’s the most wonderful thing in the world, and she was last night. She was my MVP in Motivation. 

Lastly, I leave you with

Courtesy of Sarah, the Beauty Hunter

Courtesy of Sarah, the Beauty Hunter


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