Speaking the Truth

I am beginning to wonder if age brings more than just wisdom…it also brings an acute awareness of things. For us (the Mr. and me), we have become unbearably conscious of the language of others. Together we have banned words and phrases “I know, right?” and “legit” from our presence.

Due to the lack of mind control over the general population, we’ve told our now-adult-in-age-only children they should not speak such things.

However, I get particularly peeved at a set of phrases that I keep hearing everywhere–at work, on the news, in TV shows. Why must we say “Honestly” and “to be honest”? A few years ago my son picked up these phrases and I began counting their usage, sometimes up to 5 times in a given conversation.

Last weekend, I heard one used at church in a video production. It got me to thinking.

Why do we have to clarify that we are being truthful? Do we lie/exaggerate/generalize so much we feel the need to pinpoint when we are actually being honest?

I’ve worked in several businesses where contracts are commonplace, but it seems that documentation is becoming a way of life (CYA and what have you). A man is longer his word and can therefore no longer be trusted to be truthful. We must have written proof. If there is no documentation, then he must be lying.

For myself, I don’t always say what’s on my mind; but what I do say, I mean.



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