Whoever thought we’d be safe here is lying


O, Christmas Tree, where is it safe to be?

All those desks are empty now. But all week they’ve been full of high school students readying for midterms and end of course tests, and most especially their Christmas break.

They’ve been getting on my nerves.

And yesterday I was seriously considering posting my thoughts on the future generation and the hopelessness I’ve been feeling.

Amazing how a man’s evil intentions at an elementary school can change a person’s perspective. Amazing how we’ve forgotten Columbine. We’ve gotten comfortable again in our schools. We’ve been tricked into thinking the only real danger in schools is bullying. Or that our child might get left behind academically.

We don’t think about someone invading our child’s safe zone at school where we aren’t there to protect them.

And most especially, we don’t wonder how an innocent child turns into the person who commits those crimes. What transforms a 5 year old, sloppy with peanut butter and jelly, into a violent criminal?

  • How did Dylan and Erik think it was permissible to make a hit list, then follow through by shooting down people at their school?
  • What in our society today permits someone to begin shooting randomly in a crowded movie theater?
  • Why does a son go to a school where there are innocent children and kill his mother, then turn it on others?

As the frequency of these type of mass murders increase, we as a society should begin to question ourselves and what societal influences encourage these behaviors. We can’t blame it all on mental illness or even parental influence. Our society, specifically in the United States, has developed an environment where citizens believe it is acceptable to behave in this manner.

We should question that.


Pitch in:

What do you think in our society is promoting these types of behavior?


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