Dear WordPress

Oh WordPress,


I wish I could express how I do not have time for you. But I can’t because:


I am up to my ears in Life. I wish I had time to read all the challenges and Freshly Pressed wonderfulness that is you. But I don’t. In fact, I am shirking my duties as we speak. I feel a little naughty.

Jeepers! That’s sad. I’m in awe of all the teachers who make the time to talk about their classes and lives. And one day, I’m gonna read them.

Maybe over the Thanksgiving break.

Maybe over Christmas break.

Maybe over…maybe next summer. But just imagining the sheer volume of Freshly Pressed posts…that’s 19 x (wait, I’ve got to look at a calendar)…. somewhere around 30 weeks. That equals (wait, I’ve got to pull up a calculator).

That’s over 600 posts. Not even counting the ones I follow.


So please don’t count on me to be actively pursuing your posts.

Don’t be mad if I don’t like or comment.

Don’t get upset if I’m not one of your followers.

I just don’t have time for you right now.


I feel guilty for even posting this. Now, where are those tests from this morning.

Oh crap.


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