Voting Disillusionment


Who would have thunk it that such a small piece of plastic could have such a huge impact? Yes, that’s the button I took a picture of right before I cast my vote in the current 2012 election. The way things are now, I was a little fearful the old guy monitoring the booths would tackle me right there in the middle school gym. I can see it now–“Election worker tackles voter for attempting to blog on voting” or something like that.

Even though I’ve taught government, I just see that I did my civic duty today. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m not invested, I’m not campaigning for anyone. I’m not going to get all political on your face for not voting the way I want. And its mostly because I think we’re screwed just about any way you take it.

Like some, I have a hard time understanding why some people I normally think of as sane pick up a candidate’s banner for whatever reason–we’ll call it party loyalty or either the lesser-of-two evils for all-intensive purposes. I just don’t get it, but I’ve been there. It reminds me a lot of the 1996 election when I was in college and I arrogantly thought I knew something about the world around me. That oh-so-mature me sent in her absenteee ballot for the candidate who didn’t refer to himself in the 3rd person (still creeps me out) and didn’t go on to champion the use of Viagra (shudders).

Oh, but then there’s that stupid Gap dress we all have to be thankful for. (Smirk)

So excuse me if I don’t jump up and down all enthusiastic over anyone running for any office. Here’s the thing, they all lack one major component that makes me want to vote for someone.


The willingness to actually fight to support something they believe in.

I suppose that pretty much makes most of the presidential candidates throughout history ineligible in my eyes. Political loyalty, corruption, special interests, and major campaign contributers can jump in a lake. A really deep one. You are one of the big things that is wrong politically with this country. You count on people (sheeple) being on auto-pilot so you can fly under the radar of our general population and tell us what you want us to think.

If anyone actually thinks either candidate is going to save the day, then I really question your ability to reason. Seriously people, WAKE UP! Get a clue!

I’ve not seen a single debate, but I know that the 3 biggest issues are 1) the economy, 2) healthcare, 3) foreign relations. Even if we set a debt ceiling (which, by the way, is not up to the president), we won’t be out of debt in 4 years and China will still own us. With a likely continued conservative House and a liberal Senate, healthcare will stay the same because in order to change legislation, they have to agree. And, as far as the rest of the world is concerned–Israel is our friend, we aren’t going to intervene with Syria, and terrorism is bad.

What people won’t recognize is that it’s NOT the debated issues on the line. The REAL question is: Who can we trust?

The answer is sadly simple–NEITHER. If they’ve made it this far, they’ve got more skeletons in their closet than even Barbara Walters will ever find out. Presidential races are no longer about character, morality, and ethics. It’s about who has the best PR team, who gets the most air time, and who can skew the blame the best.

And it’s hard for me to have this view and yet encourage the next generation to participate, like our newly 18 girl-child. How do I encourage her to vote and while still believing that none of the options out there is really going to make a difference? Is the process really worth it?

I think so, because (maybe) one day we’ll have some candidate worth believing in. Worth rooting for. Worth getting excited over.

Until then,

Thank you for your vote….have a nice day.

Do you feel the same way? Do you think anyone is running that can actually make a difference for our country?

What’s your take on things?


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