Biltmore Park Town Square

This Asheville community resides south of town, off of I-26. Worth at least a view, it gives the feeling of small town life as it should be. Families gather on the village green for entertainment. The center is filled with shops, a YMCA, businesses, a movie theater, and restaurants of all kinds. Oh, and a giant Barnes & Nobles. Condos, lofts, and apartments line the sky above the stores in the square, and you can see residents sitting on balconies people-watching those below.

A block off the center are the town homes. Retro and geometrical, deep and narrow, they are squished together, and appear to be a modern spin of the small post-World War II homes that dot the outskirts of most major cities. They have small yards, but cottage-like porches and patios. A few streets over and you encounter large expensive houses that wind in a semi-circular pattern around the square. Occasionally, yo can spot running trails that weave in and out of the woods that provide a sense of privacy.

Biltmore Park Town Square website

Found on Google Images

Found on Google Images

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