Closer to Pure – A Yogurt Inspired Post

Thanks to much spare time, I’ve read more than enough in the past few weeks about ingredients. Yes, I know, this post may cause spontaneous bouts of Zzzzz. Regardless, ingredients have sparked a huge movement. It’s possible that the Adkins Diet originally got massive amounts of people thinking about what they eat, identifying food groups they learned about in grade school.

Now people are taking to heart not only what they eat, but what goes into it. The boom that is hitting the movement for free-range, hormone free animals is a direct result of the measures taken meat industry to increase profit. People see their buxom 12 year-olds now and realize its the direct result of guzzling hormone-rich dairy products.

More than that, people are starting to wonder about what makes up the other things they eat–like bread. It’s no longer white vs. wheat, the question now is “is it whole grain? is it 100% whole wheat?”

For me, my quest for better eating has taken me to examine for sugar and MSG, in all their forms. Yes, I knew that fructose and sucrose were other forms of sugar, corn syrup too. What I didn’t know is they are in tons of grocery items where they don’t need to be.

In all my years of making spaghetti from scratch, I never used sugar; but its in Prego, Ragu, and most other ready-made spaghetti sauces. I’ve made soups from scratch in my crock-pot and I’ve never used sugar, but its there in Campbell’s, Progresso, and most other soups.

Color me naive, but until a few weeks ago I thought MSG was just in Asian cooking. Not so, my friends. Nope, actually found a shaker of it on the baking aisle at the grocery store. I came across a blog that gave a list of alternative names for MSG. Not only that, but it disturbed me more than a little to know that MSG is used by scientists to make rats fat for diabetes experimentation. Um, wha? It makes them fat? And we EAT this thing in tons of our food.

So we went grocery shopping and I looked at EVERY ingredient of the stuff we normally buy. Wow. I suggest you might want to do the same just to see what you are consuming. While I did change out some things for healthier items, I intend for this to be a SLOW process. So we make spaghetti from scratch from now on, we make rice on the stove instead of microwaving a ready-to-eat package.

So what does yogurt have to do with it? A lot actually. Instead of a store-bought granola bar filled with sugar and more sugar, I eat yogurt. When I planned to make the switch, I looked at the yogurt I usually buy–blueberry or strawberry–lots of sugar too. So instead, I decided to try more whole ingredients. So for breakfast now, I eat plain yogurt (I much prefer Greek, but it’s so dang expensive!), pure honey, fruit (bananas, strawberries, oranges), and Grape Nuts cereal.  Granted, I know that the cereal is not really whole, but its better than a granola bar.

The point is to take an interest in what you are consuming. Knowledge hopefully will cause change. If it were just me I was feeding, I would be throwing boxes and cans of food out left and right. Hence, the call for slow change and moderation so those I live with learn to accept the changes I make.

Change, ah, the final and everlasting frontier.


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