Climb Every Mountain!

Being positive isn’t easy. At. All. I have achieved some success in such a short time. When trying to title it all, I had a visual image from The Sounds of Music with Julie Andrews twirling on the mountain. I just can’t remember what she was singing…but I did remember the Reverend Mother singing Climb Every Mountain, and I thought it was more appropriate.

Luckily enough I had my first challenge on Day 1 a few days ago.

It went like this. Made lunch appointment for Wednesday, a twice rescheduled lunch. I left work early and got to Firehouse Subs at noon on the nose. I looked inside, I waited. 15 minutes. I called her work. Nada.  Frustrated, I sent her an email and left. I like Firehouse, but if I was going to do lunch alone, I preferred not to spend a lot on a 6-inch sub. So to Subway I drove and I was kinda upset (like a 3 or 4) because I just wasted 20 minutes of my free time.  I was like this

So I ordered my my 6 inch sub, only to find out that for June, it’s only $2.00. I was so stoked I got a chocolate chip cookie to ease my frustration about being stood up. 2 positives!

Plus, I found a cheap, yummy lunch for the rest of the month.

Sorry Firehouse, I don’t think you can beat that deal.


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