Posted in June 2012

Closer to Pure – A Yogurt Inspired Post

Thanks to much spare time, I’ve read more than enough in the past few weeks about ingredients. Yes, I know, this post may cause spontaneous bouts of Zzzzz. Regardless, ingredients have sparked a huge movement. It’s possible that the Adkins Diet originally got massive amounts of people thinking about what they eat, identifying food groups they learned … Continue reading

Climb Every Mountain!

Being positive isn’t easy. At. All. I have achieved some success in such a short time. When trying to title it all, I had a visual image from The Sounds of Music with Julie Andrews twirling on the mountain. I just can’t remember what she was singing…but I did remember the Reverend Mother singing Climb Every Mountain, and I thought it … Continue reading

The Art of Being Not-So-Snarky

Apparently, if you’re the kind of person who keeps up with what’s popular these days, you may have heard of The Happiness Project. I came across a book review that introduced me to the concept of pursuing different ways of being happy. I still haven’t read the book (and I probably won’t), but it did spark … Continue reading