My Allergy Fighter! OJ + Honey = YUMMY

As stated before in my post about spring (see here), I have wicked allergies and live in the allergy capital, Knoxville, TN. And I can prove that factoid here, as posted by The Weather Channel Top Allergy Cities report. In fact, many people live their lives symptom free, then they move here and BAM! Alert–you have allergies.

Though I might add that Spring arrived early and we have already jumped into summer–today was mid 80s (I think), when it should be 60ish. So the trees & flowers are in a bit of overdrive, yada yada.

The impact on me is that the pollen is totally defeating my allergy meds–Allegra, you officially suck, but since you don’t make me sleepy, I guess I’m stuck with you. Sneezing and mucus aside, and much thanks to my Neti Pot, the biggest annoyance is that my throat itches. Usually this only happens when I eat tree nuts (cause, yes, I’m allergic) and this tells me my throat is swelling.

This is more than annoying, it totally freaks my husband out when I try to scratch my throat with my tongue–there are no words to express how I wish I could avoid given you that mental image. Yes, and it looks really weird, but I mostly do it involuntarily.

Ice and cold drinks have helped when caused by nuts, but nada for this ailment. So I went to what I use when I get sick and made my own soothing cold drink.

Presenting… throat itch fighter….

it just doesn’t really have a name. 😦

Ingredients: 1 1/2 T of honey, 2/3 c of OJ (I personally prefer with pulp), ice.

We (sigh) bought a Magic Bullet over a year ago….let’s just say this has me using it more than ever.

Step 1: in microwave safe dish/cup, heat OJ & honey for approx. 1 min.

Step 2: pour liquid mix into the container used for grinding, add 1/2 c of ice. Mix

Step 3: Add more liquid and more ice until you reach the amount you desire. (I pretty much fill this thing up.

TADA!  I have also used lemon juice. I’ve also considered making hot tea, adding honey so that it completely liquefies, then freezing it into ice cube trays and crushing that with warm tea. Have to try it another day.

I’m all for learning from other allergy-sufferers–What do you use to relieve allergy symptoms when meds don’t work?


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