Posted in March 2012

Seeking Blessings

I’ve been meaning to write this update for awhile, but honestly I’ve been swamped (in a good way). I was offered a huge opportunity, one that I wasn’t really anticipating. It was one of those small things that reminds me that God totally has my back. I’m not gonna lie, I used to be like … Continue reading

My Allergy Fighter! OJ + Honey = YUMMY

As stated before in my post about spring (see here), I have wicked allergies and live in the allergy capital, Knoxville, TN. And I can prove that factoid here, as posted by The Weather Channel Top Allergy Cities report. In fact, many people live their lives symptom free, then they move here and BAM! Alert–you have … Continue reading

I’m in love with a tree

While my allergies distinctly oppose this time of year, my eyes and heart have always been caught up in the joy of spring, the idea of life bursting forth being manifested in the blossoms in my region. I have a particular fascination with cherry blossom trees. I typically despise pink, its a result of being … Continue reading