Yeah, I love my title. Yeah, I’m that bored. Well, not THAT bored. Just bored enough.

Took me a break over the holidays, while I was not-so-desperately scrambling for work. Non-profits are great until the economy affects funding. Funding for the cause will never be interrupted. Funding for jobs to support the cause, well, they are expendable.

Anyhoo, got me a new one. Super complicated, so much so that after a week, I still have little idea what goes on here. Am I blind-folded? you might ask. No, I have the special task of working with engineers. Now being related to a few, I know right off that we don’t speak the same language, so I have to be real careful. Right now I’m just feeling it all out, doing whatever my non-engineer overseer tells me to do.

Part of the title has to do with the traditions for New years. In my heart of hearts, I want to resolve not to make a list of resolutions for the year. That I KNOW I’ll accomplish. Then, in the back of my head, I hear “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” Duh. It’s just easier that way. After nearly 2 years of being out of my field of expertise, I’m ready for some easy.

By now, I should know better. I’m a list-maker, and OBSESSIVE list-maker (if you ask my husband), and it’s not in my DNA not to make a list of what I should or shouldn’t do this coming year. However, that portion of my has been hijacked at the moment by the part who loves procrastination and is more than a little frustrated at the whole job situation. This is the side of me who will do anything and everything to avoid making decisions, who would rather hide and read crime-fiction and waste hours on Pinterest just…um…looking at stuff. It’s also the side of me that gets tickled at the title that starts with “Pee”.

Maybe she’ll take a break so I can get back to work.


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