Shining a Light into a Dark World

Most of you know I’m looking—still looking–for a full time position, but in the meantime I’ve been working for a non-profit that deals with some tough subject material, the ugly stuff that most people (even those who may seem good-hearted) would like to sweep under the rug and pretend doesn’t exist.  AKA–THIS POST ISN”T FOR KIDS OR THE FAINT OF HEART!

The whole reason I took this position was that I could help bring to light some of the awful things that go on in this country (and world) of ours and maybe people would be moved to be pro-active. Let me tell you that it takes a lot to motivate people, even the best of people.

Fact is, a child is most likely being sexually abused and exploited near you. Maybe it’s in your apartment complex or your neighborhood. It could be at church or school or during sports practice. And it’s not necessarily a kid in foster care, this child could live with both parents and have the latest clothes or technology. Sexual abuse doesn’t work the way we think it does–it’s everywhere, in every socioeconomic status, every family situation, and it goes beyond race or religion. It targets both genders, at any age–from newborn to teenager.

Does that shock you?

I hope so.

Evil is closer to you than you think.

Last night, in search of viewing material, my husband found an expose on the sex trafficking industry in Texas. We watched for a little while until I made him turn the channel. Now many people turn the channel, but my reasons were that I see that everyday on the job.  I hear or read a stories about abuse, as well as other people’s opinions, the entire time I’m at work. Bringing that home isn’t necessarily healthy and I have to draw the line somewhere in order to stay sane.

What I don’t understand are the good-hearted people–those I’ve been to church with, served with, did Young Life with–who turn off their TV or begin to ignore the stories about Jerry Sandusky. Why? It’s all too much to take.

Try being that child.

Speaking of Sandusky, I had been tasked with keeping up with articles surrounding the case–there are thousands. So I’ve had to narrow my searches down to those who discuss the abuse and the victims and be particular on the tone and attitude of the writer. This means I have to read a lot.

And I get really angry.

I don’t understand why articles are being written focusing on PSU bowl status. Children were molested.

I don’t understand why any focus should be given to Paterno’s pension. Children were raped.

I don’t understand why anyone would write about Happy Valley recovering their reputation. Children were sodomized.

Fact is, this happens everyday. The only new thing is that the media is willing to  talk about it now on a larger scale. But the reality is that they’ve known about the wide-scale situation of sexual abuse in our country for awhile now. Do you want to know why the media doesn’t always cover it and make it front page news everyday?

Children don’t buy/read/watch the news.

If you noticed, the media has mostly focused on the adults.

  • Sandusky & his family
  • Paterno & his family
  • McQueary
  • PSU
  • Football-related material
  • PSU students & alumni
  • the charity
  • the high school staff
  • the trial & related people
  • the parents
  • the lawyers
  • the legislators & state government officials
  • the psychologists/psychiatrists
  • the FBI investigator
  • the Education Dept investigation

I’ve only found a smattering of articles focusing on the actual victims or shedding light on sex abuse victims. Why? Because they don’t produce a profit unless they are being used by an adult.

However, this isn’t news to me.

People like PA Gov Corbett and AG Linda Kelly have known about predators like Sandusky for years. In fact, I could name over three dozen government officials, including our president (and especially our VP) who are very educated on child predators.

They refuse to do anything of real consequence.

Refuse, you say?

Yes. Did you know that one of the best ways to find a child predator is to start with those who view and download child pornography? Because it’s very likely an actual child victim will be on the premises. Did you know that computer software exists that can pinpoint (meaning=give an actual address) where any one of those people live? See the map of predators here.

Well then–let’s go get em!

Oh, but wait. Did you know there are hundreds of thousands of those predators out there? And guess how many people the FBI dedicates to finding those predators? Less than 500. And guess how many police forces have people specially trained to get the predators? 61 police forces.

Oh.  (pause) So let’s get more people trained to go get em!

Sounds great, but that costs money…and we’re in a recession (shhh…yes we are) and coming into an election year. Do you know what that means?  It means that you will hear a lot about protecting the children from people like Sandusky, but you will not hear how it should be done. You may hear about closing loopholes or legislation to require reporting of sexual abuse, but you will not see any action, instead they will encourage states to take the lead. But you will not see any prominent government official dedicate time and manpower to protecting children from predators on their own.

Why, you ask?

Because children don’t vote.

See a pattern here? Or do you think I’m wrong? How can anyone be so heartless when faced with the broken innocence of a child? While I’m relatively new to this issue–I’ve seen twice in the last year where government officials wimped out because it costs money or something else is a priority. Trust me, they are heartless.

Do you know what motivates a politician? Yep–money and voters, especially together.

So it’s not all black and white when it comes to save children from being sexually abused. At least not for those who have the power to make the difference. For the children–it’s very black and white.

If you are interested in getting involved or at least want to know how to help, send me a message. 

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