My Life as a Black Coffee Drinker

I like coffee, a lot. One of my greatest work-related disappointments is that I do not have a coffee maker at work. Of course, I could probably buy one, but then I would be solely responsible for making coffee only for me–and, well, that won’t do. But let me clarify, I like coffee in the way most people like mutts. I don’t go specialized with French Press or even Starbucks, unless someone else is buying. If I get coffee these days, I go to the nearby gas station or the coffee house near work to get it. I don’t even use a coffee maker at home, because I’m the only coffee drinker. That’s how laid back I am on coffee.

In my teens, I was a cappuccino fanatic and chocolate covered coffee beans helped me survive senior finals. In college, I discovered espresso, then cafe au lait when I spent time in France. In my 20’s, when coffee houses became mainstreamed to the point of commercialization in my mid-sized southern town neck-of-the-woods, I learned to appreciate fancier drinks like macchiatos and frappes.  Now that I’m married and a mom, I see no special deal in paying $7 for a flavored, whipped, and flavored coffee. Unless, of course, someone else is buying.

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In fact, up until two months ago, my favorite way to drink coffee was (as my dear husband says) “having coffee with my cream and sugar”. I liked it light brownish.  I had never even considered ever drinking my coffee without a little something. But in late July, I decided to make a change in my diet which meant no creamer and no sugar, not even Splenda (since we broke up a few months before). That meant I had to drink it black–the thought of plain bitterness in my mouth still makes me roll my eyes.

My solution? Cold coffee. Now I have had iced coffee and frozen fancy drinks, but what I means is a black cup of coffee that has been refrigerated. It’s still bitter, but it’s completely doable for me. And now I can brag about my ability to be like Gibbs and drink my coffee black.

My goal is to one day drink it hot, but I’m pretty sure it will take many moons until I can stand it.





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