The Triumph of Thankfulness Over Snarkiness

If anyone needs proof of sin, watch a person who doesn’t get what they want, or as I find myself–a person in limbo. I think the goal of human nature (the not Godly side, of course) is that we are never satisfied. Right now, at this very moment, I struggle with not teaching. It eats at me like a worm in an apple. As a result, I tend to be on the snarky side of things and this attitude manifests itself in sarcasm and bitterness. Don’tcha wanna be around me?

But as I think about the situation I find myself in, I realized how selfish I am. How I want what I want. It seems to be a never ending struggle to overcome my two-year old self.

Once in a small group, we discussed how thankfulness can overcome these feelings of entitlement, so I shall practice that right now. 

I am thankful for:

  • more time with my husband
  • that my teenagers are becoming more responsible with driving
  • that they are making good decisions
  • my job
  • my wonderful, caring parents
  • friends who want to hang out
  • the opportunity to work with little children
  • the chance to help someone who needs it
  • a house that endured several hail storms
  • an A to B vehicle that works despite mistreatment
  • coworkers who get along with me (and vice versa)
  • health–for me and my family
  • the freedom to speak my mind
  • the freedom to worship in public and private
Yeah, I’m feeling a little more humble right now. I think I’ll enjoy the snarky-free feeling and stop now.
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