Day 14 Trusting God

Trust is always easier said than done, mostly because it requires that we put the results of a situation in someone else’s hands. I admit it’s an area where I struggle. As a self-proclaimed control freak, trusting other people can seem as irrational as believing a bungee cord will somehow not allow me to crash below.

The Bible is filled with examples of people who trusted God with their circumstances.

  • Abraham trusting God when he was told to kill his own son.
  • Moses trusting God to turn the rod into a snake
  • David trusting God to protect him from Goliath
  • Daniel trusting God in the lion’s den
  • Shadrach, Meshach and Obednego trusting God in the furnace
  • Peter trusting Jesus on the water
  • The father trusting Jesus to bring his daughter back to life
  • The centurion trusting Jesus to heal his servant
  • The woman trusting Jesus to heal her bleeding
  • The blind men trusting Jesus to give them sight
These examples, of course, show God’s power in time of extraordinary circumstances. That doesn’t mean he can’t be trusted with small situations–family, jobs, money, etc. In fact the most difficult area for me to trust God is with employment. I struggle with the idea that God may not choose for me to work in the area where I prefer. But, you know what? I’ve found that when I force a situation to what I want, it always turns out badly. And so I learn that it’s best for God to be my rudder, steering me where He wants, because I’ll be unhappy anywhere else.



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