Day 11 & 12 God, Failure, and Control

I have failed. The whole point of this exercise and this blog is to keep up the habits I wish to add. I did not factor the complications or complexity of having a quiet time while out of town or, for that matter, out of town with my parents. Excuses aside, I’m determined not to let it go.

Psalms 72: 36 says,

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

I have experienced failure in my goal already, and while I felt initial defeat, I am uplifted by the promise that God will be the strength of my heart forever. I fail, God doesn’t. It’s the process, the striving, the refusal to give up, that makes the difference.

God forgives my failure, after all the biggest failures of scripture were the best known: Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon, even Peter. And God picked up them up out the mess they made and used their weakness to bring Himself glory.

I resolve to forgive my own failure, to allow God to use this as a lesson that failure is a part of the process–that it’s not me who is building strength in me. All God needs is my commitment, my obedience, because (once again) I cannot control everythin


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