Day 5 Fear and Light

So it’s really super late to do my quiet time now, mostly because its been a super busy day that started way too early, since last night ended way too late. I’ll try to keep it short, since I’ll have Day 6 in about eight hours.

Today’s scripture is Psalms 27:1

The LORD is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid?

I’ve always liked this verse, mostly because I like feeling protected, and this definitely lends itself to making a Christ-follower feel safe. There’s a song we sing in church that has most of these words in it–it’s been going through my mind today for some reason, and therefore inspired today’s quiet time.

While I like each phrase’s question–of whom shall I fear, of whom shall I be afraid?–I also think a little attention should be paid to the prior statements. I’ll skip my normal contextual and historical analysis for the sake of time and get right to it.

Here we focus on God’s importance–He is our source of light and salvation, He is our Protector. Three pretty good reasons to have faith in him. Reasons to have no fear.

I don’t have to fear being among the darkness of this world–God will light my path. I don’t have to fear uncomfortable (and maybe scary) situations, God has already saved me from a much worse destination. I don’t have to fear those who attack me (physically, mentally, psychologically, etc), because God surrounds me like a fortified city.

What comes to mind most frequently is a phrase I’ve heard in a few songs–this is not my home. We heaven-bound souls are renting our physical human bodies for a short period of time. Our earthly selves forget at times that we don’t belong here. This culture, this society, this government–it’s all temporary, and it doesn’t represent what we as Christians stand for. So why do we forget? Why do we immerse ourselves with the stuff of this world?

I think part of it goes back to spending time with God. If we immerse ourselves with Him, His values, His word, then I think we begin to see our lives here differently. We can be willing to risk a little more because He’s saved us and He’ll show us where to go, and knowing that He’ll protect us wherever He leads us.


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