Following Through

And here’s the rub, because following-through in my personal life is a sore spot. For my work life, I’m almost OCD–I hate to have anything undone. But at home, its a different story. Chores are half-done, intentions are cast aside like driftwood, relationships are severely neglected. It’s almost amazing that I’m married–with my husband for almost eleven years combined (holy cow!).

So the idea that I could actually set a “personal” goal and actually reach it or get past it is, well, sort of laughable. So much so, that I hesitated to tell my husband about this little project. He was adorable about it, just nodding along and encouraging me.

But still in the back of my mind, the thought nags “will I even make it through June?”

Doubts aside, I know that making these changes are good, are for my benefit, for my family’s benefit, and will improve my life. So for now I wait until June 1st, build my resolve, plan for success, and work on one day at a time.


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